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Can we choose our first dance and make requests?

If the song you would like for your first dance is not on our set list, we would be happy to learn it for you as long as you let us know in advance. If, however, you want the original recording of the song played, we can play it by iPod through our speakers.


As far as our set list on the night goes, part of our job (after many years of experience) is knowing what material to play and when to play it, to cater to all of your guests and provide a well-rounded night of musical entertainment that everyone can enjoy, and this is what you are trusting us with when you book the band.

How long does the band take to setup and how long do you play?

The band normally takes an hour to set up. If the venue layout presents an extra difficulty for loading in equipment (staircases etc), it may take a little longer, so this would be worth notifying the band about beforehand.


We usually start performing at 8pm (barring any issues with the venue such as the meal running late etc), and finish at 12pm, with a half-hour break during the buffet.

Is all of the music live?

Yes, we are a five-piece band and all the music you hear is being created live on stage by the musicians that you see. There is no need for backing tracks. You are paying for a live band, so you get a live band!

How much does it cost to book the band?

The band's fee varies depending on the type of event we are being booked for, performance times and the distance we have to travel to get to the venue, so please get in touch with your details and we can calculate the best price for you. We pride on keeping our prices competitive and you will always get great value for money in terms of the quality and professionalism of the music and entertainment we provide.


Of course, any good live band is going to appear more expensive relative to a DJ. When the differences in preparation, work-load, skill requirement and effort are considered, anyone serious about making their event as memorable and special as possible will see the value in good live music. The entertainment you choose can really make or break your night, and your event is always in the safest hands with The Solid Gold Band.

Can I hear the band before booking?

If you have never heard the band before and would like to experience us live before booking us for an event, you are welcome to attend any showcase gigs we may have. Alternatively, we have some sample recording on our website that provides a taste of what you can expect.

Are you able to provide Scottish Ceilidh music?

The band are able to provide a short set of traditional Scottish country dances, which often turns out to be a very fun part of the evening. We will even call the dances. If you require a more extensive set of Ceilidh music, however, an entertainment package including an accordion player can be arranged with us at your request.

Are there any venues you won’t play?

As long as the health and safety of the band is protected (e.g. shelter for musicians and equipment if performing outside), there isn’t any particular venues we won't play. If the venue has a sound limiter, it would be worth notifying the band and discussing the requirements of your event with the venue beforehand. Although we can perform at a range of volumes to suit the room and event, sound limiters are often set to a level that just cannot cope with a five-piece live band.

What happens if a band member is unwell and unable to perform?

It is very rare that a band member would ever be so ill as not to be able to perform, and this has only ever happened a handful of times in the many years the band has been active. We always try and make sure that the official line-up is the one that performs every gig. We do have a number of ‘reserve’ musicians that are familiar enough with the band and the material that can step in if ever required so that the show can go on. Even if one of the usual members is absent, you will still be guaranteed the same great entertainment for your event.

Do you provide your own sound equipment and lighting?

Yes, all the equipment required by the band to deliver the music, including a full PA system, is provided by the band as well as lighting to add to the atmosphere of the party.

Does the band have appropriate health and safety measures in place?

All of our equipment is PAT tested and we have public liability insurance. All members of the band are experienced professionals and we always take the utmost care to ensure there is no risk to performers or audience at our shows, during performance or set-up and strip down.

Can a guest use the band's equipment and join them on stage?

In general, it's better if the music is left to the professionals. This way you will receive the highest quality entertainment, and the band won’t need to worry about any accidental damage to expensive equipment. However, if you or one of your friends and family is a legitimate singer/performer and you would like them to sit in with the band for a song, let us know in advance of the event and we will see if we can accommodate this.

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